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Rarity - Flying Gems 16:9

16:9 version

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Diamond Storm! (...uh, are you a Digimon fan?)

Anyways, this is awesome.
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its also a Pokemon move, Dianci is the INLY ONE that can use it besides Arceus
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Why do you need 16:9 versions of the pictures
I dont understand
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On the receiving end is Link getting rich 
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A special attack from the game Fighting is Magic
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Rarity used Power Gem

It was super effective!

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Go, Rarity! Show everypony who's boss!
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... Since there is no kill like overkill, all the magical gemstones in Rarity's missile barrage attacks are enchanted with explosive runes, which would detonate the volatile arcane energies inside the gems in grenade-sized explosions that would slay anyone within blast radius, incinerate their remains and spray deadly shrapnel shards upon any who survived both the blast and the burning. 

It is estimated one attack can wipe out an entire pack of Diamond Dogs, a band of teenage dragons or a company of Changeling guards in one single strike. Though Rarity Belle maintained that she developed it solely as a last resort in self-defense against large groups of opponents, such as during the Canterlot Wedding Incident which motivated her to develop it in the first place. What is remarkable is that Ms Rarity Belle crafted the spell despite previously having little-to-no magical training other than Telekinesis usage and her signature Gem-location spell...
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[And that is why you should never tick of a lady. Respect your women, gents!]
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[Respect women, or else some of them will give you one EPIC ass-whooping!]
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"Generosity levitated a saddlebag full of gems and primed the spell for maximum power, not saying a word. It was a cramped cave, and we were all packed tight together--in other words, dead. Then she shouted for us to duck, and sent just ONE gem, power reduced, sailing over our heads. It took out the soldiers behind us all at once. We were left with nothing worse than ringing ears and some minor burns.

When we looked up, that unicorn was already gone.

Don't let any-ling tell you that spell is just clumsy bomb-lobbing. She can be precise as a crossbow bolt--or maybe a sewing needle."

--- A Changeling Worker, recounting an incident when a group of civilian drones got caught between Rarity, and a squad of Praetorian Guards sent to apprehend her.
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Cool! Rarity has a new attack! Gems would do a lot of damage at that speed especially. I love the streaks of color and Rarity's expression.
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Lots of sharp, pointy pain incoming!  Okay, who insulted Rarity's mane this time?
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*dodge right* *dodge left* *backflip* I DID CAUSE SHE'S A TOTAL TRYHARD!! *catches gem in mid flight*
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Feel like Fighting is Magic :)
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