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Rarity - Duck Face

...or something. Okay, more like a pout.

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ZombieFX's avatar
XD sooooo cute!
MLPegasis4898's avatar
BronyDirectioner101's avatar
Well that just have to remind me of her taking a selfie.
850i's avatar
That's quacktastic!
NWolfman's avatar
It's not a duck face. It's Blue Steel!
:iconzoolanderplz: Because Rarity is really, really ridiculously good-looking.
Sh-Ed's avatar
I... Love you, for that reference.
NWolfman's avatar
That's what they all say. :P
shadowlancelot's avatar
duck face??? uummmmm.....TO FACEBOOK!!!
JosephEquinox's avatar
My little sis that was born today made that kinda Duckface!
It's a rarity! xD
OctaviaMelody's avatar
Gariandos's avatar
Yeah, agreeing on the more like a pout face. xP
Blue-Jay-Blaze's avatar
Looks awesome, but... Duck Tales is now in my head...woohoo.
Daniel-SG's avatar
:icontwilightsfaceplz: Quack.

This is really good. :)
AltoCeyx's avatar
oh,what's wrong Spikey Wikey?!
malcolmswag's avatar
Hurr Hurr NOthing Rarity!
VladymyrSH's avatar
Oh Rarity) Only her duck face could be so nice) I like it.
AlexKadin's avatar
Nice. I liked the shading.
Telaros's avatar
Rarity is my favorite duck-pony

Cute lip coloring.
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