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Rarity - Dress Blinger

It won't stop blinging!

16:9:  Rarity - Dress Blinger 16:9 by mysticalpha


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do you accept requests?
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I have replied to your previous request on another picture to please send me a note if you want to request usage of my work in your video. You failed to heed my warning. If you're not reading my replies, then I suspect you are only posting this to advertise your channel. 
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Rarity? Why do you look so shiny? It's distracting.
Appleblizzard's avatar
I just love Rarity!
Zevhara's avatar
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She's a fantastic designer. :-)
Attackthenation's avatar
way to sneak your name in in the shading also great job
AnaTheMotherOfRandom's avatar
ClassicBlaze's avatar
Such dazzling beauty! Rarity, why you so fabulous?
Pony-Berserker's avatar
BB-K's avatar
Shiny and sparkly! :D
Viola-Symphony's avatar
That shading is god damn beautiful
Revan1498's avatar
Quite dazzling :)
tentacals's avatar
all hail the blinger of dresses!

...get it? cos blinger sounds like bringer... bringer of dresses... okay
Cloclo2388's avatar
Damn... That's near perfect
pinkiejack-applepie's avatar
what is she up to? she is grinning mischievously (hope its spelled right)
Paulicus1's avatar
I agree, she seems to be hiding something.
JessieDrawz's avatar
Truely elegant. 
BTW, I love spotting your name in your shading style.
Paulicus1's avatar
Didn't even see that! Nice :)
K4nK4n's avatar
So bling-ish.
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