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I think the hearts is a bit much unless your headcanon says otherwise.
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hearts with mlp chars are never too much even if you dont ship it XD
cute pic
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I DONT SHIP THIS... I hate mlp lesbian shipping
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if you hate it then why are you here?

just saying
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I was just looking at my senpai's faves when I came across this...
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I love adorable images of Rarity and AJ together like this. :heart:
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NO! The hearts are adorable! :love:
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Returning to Season 5 today. I haven't looked at fanart for quite a while...

Brushie brushie! Applejack and Rarity are so cute. I adore depictions of Rarity "dolling up" her female friends!
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Aaaww! How lovely! :aww: :aww: :aww:
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Hearts are a bit on the nose, but I love RariJack, so I'm not complaining.

I love how these two have evolved throughout the show.  Going from day-and-night opposites who were barely friends, to best buds whose differences actually bring them together and see them helping each other out.  Shipping or not, I love how the show actually paid attention to little character developments like that.

The picture is adorable too.  Nicely drawn, interesting cross-hatch shading and beautiful poses and expressions.  Excellent work!
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Very very very cute!
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My headcanon says they're all straight, but this is quite cute.
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u can never have too many hearts these gay horses are precious
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Not really that much into shipping, but this is one of my favorite pairings on terms of interacting with each other.
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awww Rarijack <3 <3
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OTP. Aside from Cadance and Armor but I don't count that one because it's officially canon. 
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omg Rarijack! <3 This is a beautiful work of art. With my favourite ship too. xD
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awww sweet but Applejack will not do that xD
Nice.                                                                                                                                                                                :rarity: :applejack: 
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it's good. plus the cannon in my head only yells FIRE!!
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