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Rally of the Princesses

16:9:  Rally of the Princesses 16:9 by mysticalpha

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(Twilight) "What's Grogar been doing?"

(Luna) "Absolutely nothing"

(Celestia) "Where's the Bewitching bell?"

(Twilight) "Somewhere under all of this, all I know is that he doesn't have it"

(Cadence) So we keep it that way"

(Luna) "You know its a trap right?"

(Twilight) "Yeah, I don't much care"

(Luna) "Good, just as long as we're all in agreement"

(Celestia) "Lets defeat him properly this time"
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So beautiful MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy ,Loved it 
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They're Beautiful!! I love how you handle the shading, all the details are amazing! 
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All 4 of them are gorgeous. :D
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Royally gorgeous
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Beatifulw rok on them
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If someone gives this a thumbs down they seriously need to go to the doctor (joke OK OK) YOU ARE AMAZING mysticalpha!!!
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This is beautiful!!! and cute!!!! 
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It's my laptop's wallpaper! I love it SO MUCH!
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Princesses Assemble!
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This is so beautiful :)
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Good job, very well drawn
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Four Alicorns.
Four Princesses.
Four Legendary rulers of Equestria.
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This looks perfect but... Celestia's outline PLEASE fix that the bright pink doesn't go well in this kind of setting...
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Would it be possible to use this picture as a story picture on fimfiction I would give you full credit and provide a link to your page
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