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Rainbow Splat

A commission for and idea by Rabidcrb

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TwilightSparkle84's avatar
Rainbow Dash: Oww!

*Twilight Sparkle runs up to her*

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow are you ok ?

*Rainbow gets up from the fall*

Rainbow Dash: yeah i'm fine. *then looks down and starts to laugh*

Twilight Sparkle: what so funny Rainbow?

Rainbow Dash: I fell so hard that i knock the colors right off of me. ^_^

*then both Rainbow and Twilight start to laugh together*  
Looks like Rainbow Factory has no reason to be a horrible horror fiction anymore. It could be done without any casualty. 
br4ndonm4rio's avatar
Except for an injured rainbow dash
legoking44's avatar
Because that's how cartoon physics work
Smartdazzle's avatar
In the thumbnail, I thought it was Octavia squishing RD buuuut now that I clicked the image, It all now makes sense! 

Good work btw!
TheSpeedyPatriot's avatar
Rainbow Dash, more like GRAYBOW DASH...I'm outta here
Chinesebaabaa24's avatar
Looks like Glenn after Negan showed up.
MaskedMenace833's avatar
Awesome idea. Gets your creativity goin
CrystallinePone's avatar
it's so terrible... but it's so awesome! love it! Heart +fav 
Keen-Blade's avatar
I like that; very clever.
2007excalibur2007's avatar
ah yes, that old theory/headcanon where Rainbow Dash's colors are really just made out of different color paints. :p
Danthecoolest25's avatar
LordYanYu's avatar
I like the awsome idea!
trottyhoof's avatar
I love your style, it's so unique! Also, i like how she splattered her essence onto the ground.
This would make for an awesome poster.
anibeh's avatar
Hweh, i thought it was Derpy from thumbnail...
Paulicus1's avatar
Ha! Took me a second but I get! Clever :P
DaLitesROut's avatar
SarcasticLeaves's avatar
Oh my gosh! :excited: This is great!
Ouch! That can't be good for her neck.

Very nice, original piece.
REMUSJOHN's avatar
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