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Rainbow Hugs Fluttershy

I want to hug her too.

Why is she sad? Um... er... she misses pictures of her and rainbow together.

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Would I be able to use this as cover art for a one-shot I've written? I will give credit where credit is due.
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Yes, as long as there's credit
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There's nothing worse than a crying Fluttershy. She melts your heart into butter.
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D'aaaww... now I wanna hug her, too!!! :worry: :worry: :worry:
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May I have your permission to use this picture as cover art for a story on Fimfiction? You would be credited, of course.
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Cool, thank you. Here's a link to the story in case you're interested:…
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"Oh, Rainbow. I'll never be a great flyer like you."
"That's not true Fluttershy. You're, er- you're graceful! Something that a lot of pegasi overlook when it comes to flying. Cheer up. You don't have to come to flight practice tomorrow but I can't stand to see you like this."

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Hi, um I have this picture printed on a back pack I bought, it took me some time to find who made it and uh well, here you are ... The picture on my back pack has a background so, do you have the same picture but with a background? Im asking to know if you were aware of your art being transformed or so...
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I am not aware of this and I do not or allow my artwork to be on merchandise. If you bought merchandise with my artwork on it, then you are most likely and unknowingly supporting thieves. 
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Not offense but this is Mexico, not to offense my own country either. And how was I supposed to know this was yours? I caught your DA because I saw a friend watching your gallery and I recognized the style you have. Therefore, I thought you should know that your art is not protected, besides its in Internet, everything can be stolen in Internet. At least, nobody told me this was their work.
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I do not mean any offense to you nor your country. I get messages every week about art theft and I acknowledge the fact that anything posted on the internet can be stolen. When people like you message me, I shrug my shoulders because there is little I can do about it. It upsets me but I learn to live with it. Of course, I also have to learn to live with the fact that no one is obligated to do anything more than just warn me of such things. People are free to buy whatever they want whether they know where/how it's made or not. Knowing these freedoms, I prefer not to be warned about art theft. I appreciate the courtesy of being warned, but at the end of the day, theft can not be stopped. My previous statement was partially based on my immediate emotions at the time and could have been worded better. I apologize if you interpreted it as an accusation. 
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I understand the feeling even if I haven´t experienced yet, because I know that one works hard to create something, and then seeing it as somebody else´s work it feels awful. 
I hope my advertisement about your art being used as you know what, did not upset you more than you already must be. 
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Can I get a tattoo of this? Please!
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Rainbow is giving a hug to Fluttershy, how adorable.Heart Love :date: rvmp 
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Aww it's so cute. Can I print it on my T-shirt??
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For personal use, yes you can.
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if you find them i will gladly come along

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Come now! The search shall start immediately! 
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