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Rainbow Dash Head in the Clouds

She always has her head in the clouds.

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:icondashnoesplz:(looking in the couch cusions) Now where did I leave my Gameboy?

(falls through the clouds and lands on earth)

:iconpinkiepieplz: Oh look a free Gameboy!

BushWankerMan's avatar
Rainbow Dash: Hohooo!! Anypony here?
WonderboltfanRainbow's avatar
LOL thatt part was funny!:D
And some stray pegesus will come along and get some funny ideas...
DolphinBuster's avatar
Tikeyx's avatar
And that's how I look when is lot of work at home ^^;
Simp-TKC's avatar
That's how Germany lost the war (plz don't kill me ^^;)
FirestormDangerDash's avatar
they couldn't see are troops!
CybertronikPony's avatar
That's one way of looking at the situation :D
DarthWill3's avatar
For what reason, this time?
ultimatefan's avatar
pfffffff XD
this is WAY too clever lololol
StaciNadia's avatar
Now, now, Dashie, you don't have to hide from Pinkie Pie forever! XD
DemonPanther's avatar
I didn't think they meant literally! :nuu:
Echoax's avatar
Makes me jealous I can't walk on clouds.
Rubynite's avatar
Dashie, your flank's exposed!
AleximusPrime's avatar
Ya gotta git yo head outta dem clouds Dashie! :P
Realmreaver's avatar
Dawww *looks at description*
...I see what you did there, smart
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