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Pull the Fluttercord

By mysticalpha
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If you don't like the picture or disagree with what you think this picture is portraying and must say something, then say you don't like the picture. Don't say I'm a cruel person or guilt trip me for doing it. Art is subjective. Think what you think a picture is portraying but don't hand down judgement on the artist so readily.

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i'm just going to assume he's tugging on the feathers instead of doing something else. 
love the pic
kallenin's avatar
Well, since pegasi technically fly by magic, a featherless pegasus should be fine? O.o
ReneeTheEchidnaFox14's avatar
in the end Fluttershy grows new wings and Discord gets a 'She loves me' feather
Fluttershy is grateful for Discord helping her with preening

Up next: Discord screaming dramatically while Fluttershy preens his bird wing
that would be funny oops
GeneralRommel64's avatar
at he end its "she loves me not"
i counted :D
MegaAnimationFan's avatar
Is he.......preening her? And playing a little game while doing so? 
ExceedinglyFabulousP's avatar
if season 6 is anything to go by i think it would be more plausible for fluttershy to be doing this to discord.
nekotigerfire's avatar
Fluttershy is getting her wish to be an earth pony I'm guessing, but then again, discord is saying the daisy ryme... who knows if its for fluttershy or someone else.
lettelauren's avatar
lol love it funny XD I think people overthink this too much seeing all the comment on this
K4nK4n's avatar
That's cruel~!!
DocDoughnut's avatar
people think this is cruel?wow they must been living under a rock lol
BudCharles's avatar
Come on guys, save the drama for the YouTube comments.
karkovice1's avatar
:iconfluttershyscaredplz: :iconsays3plz: Ow... ow... ow... ow...
ArcCahlon's avatar
I don't see anything wrong with this. it's a simple preening every bird does it to keep their wings in top condition. and if by chance he is not preening her oh well it's nothing that's gonna hurt her it's a single picture and she is essentially ink.
GideonZero's avatar
I'm pretty sure this is changeling. Real Fluttershy would never tolerate such treatment. And Discord would never act like this with her.
gruntman13's avatar
Your artwork used to be cool T_T
gruntman13's avatar
No. Just from a few.
GideonZero's avatar
It's not just one picture actually. Your opinion about Fluttershy has really deteriorated. Or maybe you always didn't like her but just not show it.
mysticalpha's avatar
On the contrary, I like Fluttershy. It's the reason I draw her at all. Granted the last picture I posted was flutterball and it doesn't look like it helps my case to some people but I wouldn't spend so much time on characters I didn't like. I have my own opinion of her and so do others. It doesn't mean I have to portray her in situations of what others think is a good opinion of her. Surround her with rainbows and happiness? Is that the safe general consensus of what a good opinion of fluttershy is? I didn't draw this picture to be cruel to her. It's just a simple picture of her getting preened and discord being his usual chaotic self. I'm not going to tell others what the picture should be portraying. Art is subjective and people can think what they think they're seeing. It's fine if some people don't like a picture but they shouldn't call the artist cruel because they think that's what they're interpreting the picture to be.
GideonZero's avatar
Well ok then. But portraying character as weak clumsy spineless doormat is not what people usually associated with "liking". Especially if it's going contrary with what you can see in show itself.
mysticalpha's avatar
To each their own.
mysticalpha's avatar
So you're just going to hand down judgement on my entire gallery because of one picture?
BBOFF's avatar
I hope they don't affect you too much, mysticalpha. For some, things can never be sanitized enough, never "safe" enough. If they can't see the meaning of your art, then their opinions aren't worth your time and energy. Instead of empathizing with her, they have fallen prey to victim culture and get their panties in a wad. In any case, it's just art.
Mario-Wolfe's avatar
Lmao everyone calls this abuse do you not know who Discord really is? Because he's not a wuss like Fluttercords make him out to be. Grow a pair. It's an artwork. I doubt this artist supports animal cruelty. "Oh no my previous overrated favorite pony is getting her feathers plucked ouch!" Cry about it. Be glad he even draws you guys fanart.
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