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Princess Spike

Your Majesty!
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No. Give that back
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Haha! Aw! He wants to become a princess, too... :aww: :aww: :aww:
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"Bow before he power of the Twicane!"
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Oh No! It's G3 Spike all over again!
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Spike (Suspicion) Plz : As Princess Twilight's official representative and speaking on Her Highness's behalf, I hereby raise this mighty cane!

(Aforementioned cane glows, rises from Spike's hand, and whacks him on the forehead)

twilight sparkle (blink eye) plz : (her horn glowing) It's NOT a cane, Spike. It's a scepter. And Discord wants it back.
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Amazing how fast you great artist get these things out, dang.     Kutoos!
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His eyes are so big I'm gonna die!

C'mon Spike, lead these ponies! You ARE the princess!!
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Very well drawn.  The addition of the Twili Staff is awesome, too.  It captures the spirit of the episode perfect.

You know, I bet it would've been a great gag in the episode if Spike went around with the Twili Staff as he got carried away in using Twilight's name to do things. 
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My one dream! To be like other alicorns!!!
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All hail the Twilicane! Who's that purple dragon holding her highness?
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Wouldn't it be Prince Spike? Spike (Suspicion) Plz
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Spike is like : Can I has Princess Power pls ?
Kawaii-Zero-Chan's avatar
OH!! Omaigasshhh!!! So cute! <3
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Herostalker: another person with good intentions corrupted by absolute power.
Bandit: the stuff should come with a warning label.
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The fuck is up with his shoulders?
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Haha yes! Princess Spike is best Alicorn.
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"I wanna thank the academy..."
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