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Princess Rally 3

Noses up!
Princess Rally 3 16:9 by mysticalpha

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can I make a base I will credit you.

I pinkie pie promise

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Twilight need to follow their lead
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"Twilight, the Princesses of Attitude want you to join us in the recording studio for a few hours. Vinyl Scratch is remixing 'You'll Play Your Part' (Octavia's re-recording some of the orchestral parts for tne remix). Also, Hoofer Steps is inviting us to her studio to work on some fly princess dance moves for our remix video, plus we're making a follow up to 'You'll Play Your Part' and a video for it. Luna, Cadance and I wrote most of the lyrics for our new song (it's a rock/rap one and Rarity's playing guitar on this one) and you can help with the rest, okay with you? Oh and Hoofer's younger sister wants to help out with the dance moves."

PS. Good drawing of the PWA (Princesses With Attitude).

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I guess we’ll never know if Kiss  me and Princess Luna Icon were born alicorns.

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Twilight look adorableSmiling Pie 
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Damn it, Twilight.  You had one job.
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This is cool, seeing all four princesses forming a line
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Reminds me of the Lion King, during 'Hakuna Matata'
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Reminds me of some other fan art I've seen where the artist drew adult Bambi with his kids walking with pride, a lesson Bambi's dad tried to teach him in Bambi 2.

Twilight reminds me of Bambi's character, she isn't the princess-y type, the graceful walking, the glamorous posing.
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It's more a mid-quel then continuing story, why Disney called it Bambi II I don't know.
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Noses up! Princess Twilight Noses up!
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Im adding this to favorites  :D (Big Grin) 
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now you need to do one with Flurry Heart in there ;-)
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Too many princesses. :P
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Aw... how cute and wonderful... :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Hmmm : (to us) I don't get it, guys. Do you?

twilight sparkle EqG 3 (...) #2 plz : I don't get it either, Princess.

I love this deviation! Twilight's practical schoolgirl nature is clearly evident here with her fellow royals. She's very uncomfortable with all the princess protocol she must now follow. Rather, she's right at home being Everypony's Princess, hanging out with her friends in Ponyville and being an adorkable, amiable alicorn that anypony can relate to and like. Oh yes, and being lost in her beloved books. Princess Twilight Sparkle is very ordinary and flawed despite her incredible powers, which is why she is so popular and beloved.

MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy 
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This pic just shows how inexperienced Twilight is at being a princess.
BuizelCream's avatar
This is just incredibly adorable!~ =D The picture itself really says how much Twilight needs more years of experience of being a princess ^u^
Maybe in time, she might be the aunt of the newly born princess? =3
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One princess is missing :D!
Awesome picture!
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Depends how you look at it. For all we know, the last princess could be IN CADENCES BELLEH!
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Depends how you look at it. For all we know, the last princes could be IN CADENCES BELLEH!
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