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Princess Cadance on Duty!

*twang* *fwip* *doink* *insert arrow sound here*
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Meanwhile, I'm in the Sky Flying my Bf-109... SHOOTING EVERYTHING LIKE A BOSS Princess Luna Like a boss Emoticon
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I knew she would be Cupid XD
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The Huntsmare
Level 37 Bow
+Able to penetrate up to 2 target
+both penetrated target will love each other
-may cause Homosexuality if both penetrated target has same gender
TinjaBuster's avatar
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You are realizing that the negative effect doesn't have a workaround, right? since ALL the classes in tf2 are male. except for one.... nah.
MarcySparks's avatar
Cadence is a
love angel!
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I used to be an adventurer... I've been advised not to finish this sentence.
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Better get my knee-pads on
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Well it's certainly more efficient.
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Simply fabulous!!!! My fave princess ever!!!
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She's always our cupid, Valentine's Day is always and probably the most busiest day in her life. :)
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You mean "Hearts and Hooves Day". The different holidays have different names in the pony world, after all.
BB-K's avatar
Yes, although I don't always use H&H Day.
MrsArmstrong1GDFreak's avatar
awwe ^u^ she looks soo cute :3
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i belive that show be this ponies job…
oron61's avatar
Shipping powers, ACTIVATE!
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Its Adorable 
MLP-OC-Creators-Wiki's avatar
Me: Ow hey what the heck was that?
*looks up to see if if came from aliens or something*
Me: (dreamily) Hey beautiful.
Cadance: Uh oh... *zips away*
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Twily and Cady are my fav ponies and sisters in law
MrsArmstrong1GDFreak's avatar
me2 c: and  Shining Armor  as well~:3
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