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Pinkie's Seen It

By mysticalpha
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Okay, now we know what it is: Boldly Facing The Future
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Pojo-sanHobbyist Writer
It's suppose to be a D and A put together. I see the A (on the right), but I can't see the D.
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shena12345Student Artist
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E-guardiasHobbyist Digital Artist
i still haven't found it out yet.
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CatspawDTPProfessional General Artist
Our household’s consensus, including two artists and a professional graphic designer (me), is that they’re trying way too hard. It’s a terrible design.
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EvergreenLeaves2015Hobbyist General Artist
The new DeviantArt.
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Oh Pinkie, you! :giggle:
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madkrayzyponyHobbyist Traditional Artist
What? The end of days?
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txteclipseHobbyist General Artist
And that's how Equestria was made!
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Honestly, it's absolutely horrible.

It looks like a 'Z' for 'Zombie' ! But crappier !
What the hell ?
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OnurahArt Digital Artist
I saw it too, even better, I get it, and I like it. Hope just they will add some contours to this logo soon. Or make it a little bit darker. I don't like a green color in fact😄 
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Xinef5Hobbyist General Artist
Apparently, spyed (one of the co-founders of deviantART) has seen it too, since he faved your picture! Congrats, mysticalpha :D

... now we can make all the dA staff join the herd ... and pinkiefy everything!
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mysticalphaHobbyist Digital Artist
I've seen that. Now everyone's gonna see it too!
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InkMixer12100Hobbyist Artist
Ive Seen It Too!!!!! :squee:

p.s. this is one cool badge  :rabbithole: :)
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I've seen it as well o.O? What is it?
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lirodonHobbyist Digital Artist
dA's ugly new logo
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joaoppereirausHobbyist General Artist
This drawing gave me a desire to make a drawing with this new logo.
Wonderful job!
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Welp. This comic prompted me to go find it. Gotta say, trying to fend off a Zerg rush on Google was more exciting. Guess Pinkie feels differently.
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fluffysam1212Hobbyist General Artist
For people who haven't:
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WolvezByteHobbyist General Artist
I'v seen it OMG ONOZ Emoticon 
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NeonBlacklightTHHobbyist Digital Artist
Someone explain to me what the hell is this? I mean there's this rabbit hole, then there's this big city and it saying that it's coming and 106,264 I just dont understand!?
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Grump-SupportStudent General Artist
It's some upcoming DA event. Then number is the view counter for how many people have seen the badge and gotten to the webpage. I was at 56,665 I think... I guess they've started to try and trend "I've seen it" here on DA.
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