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Pinkie Pie at Podium

Pinkie Pie for mayor! Promises a party everyday!

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The Council of Pinkie has summoned you!
Brainstormer623's avatar
Pinkie for President!
shark235's avatar
Stop trying to steal my soul!
Pinkamena D. Pie for President!
"I called you all here today with some really great news..."
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mmosley365's avatar
Filly Mario:BOO!!
Filly Mario: 2 parties a day!!!
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Este tipo de estilo me gustaClapping Pony Icon - Pinkie Pie 
Basket-Studios-Art's avatar
ya got my vote pinkie!
raggyrabbit94's avatar
:iconpinkiepieplz: Vote Pinkie Pie for President, and I'll make it your birthday everyday!! :iconpartycannonplz:
Mariano954's avatar
Everybody shhh....
Pinkie has something to say
nikkichic109's avatar
PINKIE PIE 2016 'nuff said
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SOOOOO FU**ING ADORABLE...i mean that face just look at her !
Awesome Work!
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Pinkie4President...4 everrrr!
Nbbren's avatar
she gets to run corners for the first time
BlackQuestant's avatar
vote 4 pinkie o/ q
CrashingRainbows's avatar
This looks absolutely awesome. Beautiful work as always.
alevegaliolios's avatar
Cannot take my eyes off hers!
Lakita-lover's avatar
I'd watch political debates if they were held by ponies...
TheEvilTater's avatar
"I get to run Sugar-cube Corner for the first time!" She's in my head.
the-derp-man24's avatar
:icondatssplz: Dat detailed art
MegaPatron's avatar
very cute expression :)
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