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Pinkie Pie and Joe

Commission for :iconyupasama:
Commission info is on my profile page
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Lol She looks so sad.
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I never thought of the two like that, I always thought they where baking buddies. But this changes my mind completely! Super cute!
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Owww such a sweeeeet scene ^_^ Love it!
TheRealForlong's avatar
Favorited this because this fanfic made me a DonutPie shipper:…
MuddyFudger's avatar
Looking for detective Pie and I find THIS.
Heylizabeth01's avatar
They are will a cute couple...
he he 
knight31313's avatar
oh they do make a cute couple.
PineyCreek's avatar
To the Ship-Mobile!
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Scenario: Sugar Cube Corner had a huge catering order, and they needed a little help.  So, Pinkie called on Joe to prepare one of the requested cakes.  (A sub-contractor deal?)  Anyway, Joe is delivering the cake, and Pinkie is amazed at his work!  She thought he only did doughnuts!

I'm not sure this is grounds for a ship, but it could definitely be the start of a lasting friendship, and certainly a good professional relationship.
a perfect macthGator Kiss + PLZ account link 
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why does that seem forces?
awesomecraft124's avatar
pinkie doesn't look very enthusiastic 
Glueckskatze's avatar
Best Pinkie Couple, in my oppinion! They are so cute together! Clap 
ohh so cute picture
LoveCouplesForever's avatar
A SWEET kiss for a Delish Cake ;P
DoughnutJoe's avatar
She only wants you for your cake, Joe. :)
LunaLayosa-1031's avatar
Why is pinkie looking at the cake yet kissing Joe? :?
1RockGirl121's avatar
she cares about the cake xD
LunaLayosa-1031's avatar
:iconhepplz: i knew it

I love your drawings BTW- their always so detailed. :love: YOu put alot of effort in them so thank you for your wounderful drawings :icondragonhugplz:
1RockGirl121's avatar
Than you so much!I'm gonna make more soon
LunaLayosa-1031's avatar
Opps-sorry. Wrong person ^^;

But Keep up the entusiasum! I'll watch you to see when your done. BTW- your profile pic is freaking awesome. I laughed so hard when I read it. XD
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