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Pinkie Dip

She's breaking the anthro wall! Look out!

16:9 Pinkie Dip 16.9 by mysticalpha
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This is too cute.. c:
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
Oh gosh I love your art <3
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
:iconmadameleflourplz: "Miss Pie... are you trying to seduce me?"
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
Such grace! Such precision! I can see the lust in LeFlour's eyes, even with her turned away from me. 5/5
3/5 Too much water -IGN
flutterfree101's avatar
XD pinkey x flour
ClockupFlowers's avatar
Haha, I love this! 
Icydoor's avatar
This looks like my type of drawing style!:happybounce: 
Fanmar's avatar
Perfect! Love it. Now in my wallpaper collection~
Nice autograph on her leg btw. Well hidden!
HaloAskew's avatar
I always enjoy and am grateful your practically goes without saying, but it makes me feel good to mention it regularly, and I'm sure you appreciate the say-so.

All buttkissing aside... :)

Having Pinkie with a lollipop in her teeth instead of the usual tango rose, and Madame LeFlour with one "leg" lifted (obviously thanks to Pinkie's reality-altering skill) are genius details.
ShiroShototsu's avatar
"So, Madame Le Flour~ Are you enjoying your night~?"
Ashoof's avatar
perfect! 10/10! bravo! 
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Pinkie Pie was always anthro. She can even give herself fingers if she blows air into her hooves.
DeadCobra's avatar
Quite sweet
He got swag
PinkietheGypsy's avatar
lol Madame le Flour
Pink-Mist10's avatar
Zat dance, so awesome xD 
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"So Miss LaFlour? Do you like this kind of dance? I learned it by watching those humans through the fourth wall."
-What fourth wall? Pinkie! There are no humans as much as I can't talk since I'm a flour bag.
"But, I can! And I... Wait!... What?"

Beautiful work.
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