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Pie Family

PIE! I mean CAKE!
Soooo... where was Maud in season 1? I demand answers and headcanons!

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That’s the pie family when Pinkie is a child.

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Cloudy is confused : Maud Pie it's time to move rocks to the south field
Maud Pie - The Look : Boulder's hungry
Limestone is still skeptical : :Facepalm:
Maud is slightly confused : Oh, a party.
And then Pinkie manages to make Maud some how smile. The end!
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Family is family no matter what.
I think Maud was created in season 4 because none of Pinkie's other sisters had the personality the creators of the show wanted to use in Maud Pie (the episode), so they made a new sister for Pinkie. Maud would never smile or dance in a party as seen in The Cutie Mark Chronicles. To put it shortly, Maud didn't exist back then.
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Limestone Pie grew up to be super evil
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Image which is 2 years ago. Hello
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I just noticed what you did with the shading on Pinkie Pie's arm.

Nice one ;)
wait is maud simleing best moment
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мне очень нравится как он(она)рисует!
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Maud was retconned into the series with her self-titled episode, so I would guess that she probably was making rock candy back in the farmhouse, heard the commotion in the silo, and joined in after Pinkie got her cutie mark. But even here as a filly she is clearly the most stoic of the four sisters, which is what makes her all the more charming. She's less animated than an old Filmation cartoon, but will zap into action to protect her family.

Cloudy Quartz by Edderstria  : Pinkamena Diane, I knew you were born pink for a purpose, and now you've found it! Oh my goodness, I've never been this happy in my entire life! This is such a blessing; don't you agree, Pa?

Igneous Rock Trot (Updated) by Anonycat  : Yes indeed, Ma. Pinkie's our sweet little treasure of rock candy. Right, Maud?
Clapping Pony Icon - Maud (slow) : (long pause) Sure.
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Hey that's my picture of Cloudy!
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they Photoshopped maud in the picture
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Pinkie pie had three sisters or two:o (Eek) 
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in the episode that shows how she got her cutie mark she has 2, but in pinkie pride she has 3
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Maude you're right 
they just mushed together inky and blinky...thats how maud was made
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So this is why Maud is so weird...
She has NO FUN. D:
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That moment when you realize, this picture is in Pinkie Pride.
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I love Maud and Pinkie .3.
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Head cannon: maud was inside the house making rock candy the whole time and never came out until it was finished then joing pinkie and the others afterward 
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i`ve been wondering where Maud was ever sense i saw pinkie pride (note: i didn`t know who Maud was until she visited pinkie)
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Yah she just kinda was like poof and was there
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i like your Avatar is it your OC?
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