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Perfect Lady

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Published: October 14, 2012
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Marle: Boys will be boys! (snobby laugh) Ha ha ha!
Ayla: (snobby laugh) Ha ha ha!
Marle: Ha ha ha!
Ayla: Ha ha ha!
Marle: *sips expensive Triassic wine*
Ayla: *sips expensive Triassic wine*
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Surprised a bit that there were not a couple of bite marks left by Ayla.
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JosephineLithiusHobbyist Writer
But wait...  I thought it was Lucca who gets ripped out of her gourde.
Not that I'm complaining...
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
Oddly enough Marle always wears strapless clothing...
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J4BHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, always fun when you compare drunk vision with reality.
KouTheMad's avatar
What happened at that party?
JodinSan's avatar
And what did Ayla do with Crono after Lucca sent her to get him? ;););)

Lucca knew exactly what she was setting up. :D
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
Good thing she didn't take off her underwear...:noes:
magus732's avatar
This almost nudity brought to by the makers of "Reasons I Hate Bras", official sponsor of Chrono Trigger: The Comic.
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
Don't be fooled. Lucca simply woke up earlier and got dressed quicker.
BardicLasher's avatar
I approve of this product and/or service.
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EliroX904Hobbyist Writer
Marle: Wasn't that fun?
Lucca: Liar! I was a perfect lady last night! Uhhhh.... why does my tummy hurt?
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zora-artistStudent Digital Artist
XDDDD hahaha
what the triassic wine can do! XD lol
awesome mystic!
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why is ayla speaking in proper coherent sentences in this comic?.....
Shadowstar1224's avatar
Because Marle is clearly lying.
Shadowstar1224's avatar
Marle has a fabricated story, and in it, Ayla talks eloquently. Likewise, because Ayla talks like a gentlewoman, Marle is lying. There are also other things that attest to her fable, including the mentioning of a gazebo.

It's a typical concept in fiction that when a character tries to explain something that isn't actually the case that they tend to accentuate everything to make it seem "better" whatever the definition of better is to them.
iamli3's avatar
ok i think i get it now....
Shadowstar1224's avatar
I just realized that this may mean MysticAlpha is developing Marle to be one of those shallow princesses that complains about broken fingernails. Uh oh.
Arc-Impulse22's avatar
This one seems a bit gratuitousness.

... I'm not complaining, per se.
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tamalesyatoleHobbyist General Artist
Love how Lucca's eyes aren't seeing Marle's face...
:iconmegustaplz: <- Disclaimer: Not meant to be a representation of her eyes
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royal ass is royal ass my boy.....
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VelkanKiadoStudent Digital Artist
Is she still a virgin?
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mysticalphaHobbyist Digital Artist
Her underwear's still on so she should be.
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