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Pear Butter and Apple Bloom

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Seriously, all foals in this show are adorable.
Momma's little filly!
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This artwork was so awesome that I nearly fainted on sight! From adorability!
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will it be okay if I use this pic as part of a fic contest on Fimfic?

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yes, as long as you credit me somewhere
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Thank you Mysticalpha <3

Cuteness overload 
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I wanna fart on them
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what will i have to do to make sure you never say that again
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Aww mother and daughter time
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So cute very nice work.
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Just before she died. So sad! :iconcryforeverplz: 
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Saw that episode again recently. The result is still the same as the first time: Niagara Falls!

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" Gah!"
"Bye sugarcube. Me and your daddy will be back tonight. Don't drive your big brother and sister crazy now, okay?"
"*giggle* I love you, Apple Bloom."
"Gah! Gah!"

Wonderful and so sweet work
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MLP Apple Bloom (Cute Smile) Plz “Brohoof, Mommy!”
Buttercup - Butter Pear “Brohoof, Sugar Cube!”
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Dying from deadly 'dorableness... 

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I wonder what happened to pear butter and apple blooms dad
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