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Once Per Day

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That should be Frog's most powerful move but there should be a reason why we can't use it any other time in the game.
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The Mountain is just magically sealed and Frog simply destroys the spell with the Masamune. Presumably Magus opens and closes the mountain each time he and his army crosses over. The mountain pass is always there but Magus uses a spell to close the mountain, Frog breaks that spell and the mountain re-opens to normal.
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mysticalphaHobbyist Digital Artist
As far as I know, the game doesn't tell you that bit of information. There may be NPCs that tell you but the game doesn't feel it's important enough to force you to run into their conversation. Breaking Magus's spell on the mountain is most likely what the game is implying but if Frog can in fact hold the power to break Magus' spells at a flick of the Masamune, then he has the power to defeat Magus quite easily. Of course, during battles, Frog doesn't possess the same tech or epic-beam-from-the-sky ability to easily thwart his enemies/Magus. In this comic, I'm merely exaggerating that weird logic.
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J4BHobbyist Digital Artist
I always found this scene really great.
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Dah-Art-YamazaruHobbyist Digital Artist
Glenn was always my favorite >u<
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Lennis01Hobbyist Writer
Ha! Total win!
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TofunenHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love your CT comics! bYou should do more of them! <3
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For every mountain smote, a Cetra gets stabbed by a bishie. There's balance in nature.
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I'd have to say the worst part about not being very active on deviantart anymore is that I never get around to reading your comics.
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I would've said "Sorry, that used up all my MP".
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Dewani90Hobbyist General Artist
once a day huh?, well, let's go sleep and wait till tomorrow to raid magus castle
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DarkZero2109Hobbyist General Artist
Well, time to hit the inn, then! You can always kill Magus tomorrow...right?
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A sword skill that can sweep a mountain is cool and all but can we see your crotch?
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I see what you did there. :thumbsup:
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ànd it must be a full moon. and a friday. and I need to have an empty stomach.....`
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plangkyeHobbyist General Artist
Hah, and instead we get Frog Squash. Frog Squash is pretty silly, isn't it.
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aizawakunHobbyist General Artist
I never thought of it that way, but it totally makes sense.
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So true! With all the power that sword show in the begining, you should be able to do, 1 hit KO in Magus.
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more so than in a game one day is a century
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Unknown sword-power of plot-progression.

Also breaking the 999-damage cap.
You'd be putting just about any boss out of business.
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The damage cap in chrono trigger is 9999. Ayla can pull it out anytime as soon as she is level 93.
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Oh, sorry about that. I must have mixed it up with the HP cap.
I guess that proves that pure melee is THE way to go. ._.
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The Crono-Merle-Ayla Triple Tech Final Kick can also do 9999 fairly early on as well.
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Oh, I managed to do that recently. It's a good thing Ayla's my favorite!
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