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Octavia Smash!

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Clearly Octavia has been watching too many The Who concerts!
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Very funny
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hehe that crazy Tavi moment :D  love it!!  also really coo how you put your name on her, looks cool!!   ^_^
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I always thought it was weird Octavia had the treble clef as her cutie mark. The cello is almost always notated on the bass clef.
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when the last string breaks
           Chibi Octavia Icon 
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No Octy! Smash bad. Smash very bad.
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it worked for rock stars
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Octavia: Octy sorry.
Octavia: <whisper>Octy not really sorry.
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"Fortissimo THIS!!!"
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She recently became a fan of The Who and this was the result.
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Indeed my friend. BTW, do you remember Baba Looey?
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Oh, yeah, I do. 

In Mexico, he was called 'Pepe Trueno' (Pepe Thunder), and he was voiced by Jorge Arvizu, the Mexican Mel Blanc.
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Heh, and 'El Kabong' was called 'El CabaZorro', mix of 'Caballo' (Horse) and Zorro.
The more you know!
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