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Octavia - Cello

First attempt at a standing pony. Yes, she can lift that!

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thunderboltthewolf15's avatar
Cellos aren't that hard to lift
Knights--of--Ren's avatar
Someone's gonna get smacked by that thing.
springheel's avatar
Calls to my mind "Baroque in rythm"
Songbreeze741's avatar
It's a Bass, actually

Cellos are a lot smaller
Nervouscited's avatar
So are ponies. Octavia would only be three or four feet tall in that posture.

In any case, William Anderson (who writes the music that Octavia plays) says her instrument is a cello. That settles the matter as far as I'm concerned.
Songbreeze741's avatar
Music-S-Brush's avatar
I see this and I think of the Cello Song done by The Piano Guys. Oh! Someone should make a PMV of that with Octavia!
Aurora456's avatar
Do you accept Requests? Meow :3 
astro-shark's avatar
That amazing shadowing tho.
Phenometron's avatar
She's got inner strength.
SmartSmack's avatar
luv for da cello! 
omg she looks amazing in this
I love her expression.
Kingmush360's avatar
Say chello to my little friend!
Music-S-Brush's avatar
You know cello has no "h" in it, right?
OctaviaMelody's avatar
MonotonyArt's avatar
PandaRainbow's avatar
Very unique style of shading! Love it!
kaciekk's avatar
I like how you made this, the perspective, shading, how smooth it is.
Celeste-A113's avatar
Oh yeah! XD luv for the cello!
Armameteus's avatar
Octavia is a classy pony; even enraged, she holds an ere of elegance, poise and, probably most pertinently, one hell of an overhand swing.

My favourite background pony and you capture her so well. :heart:
HungryGhostXx's avatar
That is amazing, I love your shading style! :squee:
No-36's avatar
I always knew Octavia packed some muscle for carrying the cello with her, since she got no magic or wings for help
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