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Octavia - A Musical Portrait 16:9

16:9 version

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Simply Beautiful
moonbeamthewolf33's avatar
Can I use this for my wallpaper :meow:
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The notes on her mane are astounding!
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.............................................. :iconsqueeeeplz: :icononionx3plz:
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I realy have no words on this just perfect i cant describe it
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Huh, usually when people draw music notes, they don't actually draw a proper key signature and have measures and such. This pleases my OCD (that I don't really have).
Anyways, this is gorgeous.
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its just a new frangled hair tattoo :D
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i wish i could read note's
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I definitely enjoy the style of your tavi, she is definitely hard to draw, but why the unconfident look?
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Awesome work man. :)
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Music is a set of random pitches, notes and a bunch of other sh*t scrambled together to form rhythm or whatever pleases your ear. If you are deaf, uh... This one's gonna suck.
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Nice! And I like that the signature etc. actually make sense. :) E-flat major, if I'm not mistaken?
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