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Nurse Redheart

Possible lines:
"Free health care?! Not in my hospital!"
"Painkillers?! I'm your painkiller!"
"Yes, 1000 needle shots. That is not a typo!"

Nurse Redheart 16:9 by mysticalpha

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"Keep your naughty nurse fantasies to yourself pervert!"
mariofan48's avatar
You're my painkiller?
Tell me, how are you going to kill my pain with your body?
Reactor33's avatar
Pwetty Wedheart :3
Little-Hellion-Fever's avatar
"Oooooo foxy [pony]!" -Jimi Hendrix
ZaneDonnieluver's avatar
OH NO!!!!!!!!!1 ITS MY MOM!!!!! lol
mistypine01's avatar
Serious lovely nurse.
MuddyFudger's avatar
"Painkillers?! I'm your painkiller!"
Nice.                                                                                                                                                                                           :nurseamy: 
LordBurn's avatar
So...she doesn't work at a non-profit hospital then.  I think I'm still receiving bills from the doctor she works under.
Phineaddict's avatar
Lol! Strict, yet hot nurse. The only thing she's missing is a blonde mane. :D
tamalesyatole's avatar
Hellooooooo, NurseRedheart...

Also, I just noticed: Nurse Redheart (My Little Pony), Nurse Joy (Pokémon), NurseLeukocyte Cap White (Elite Beat Agents)... All pink-haired nurses! Now I cannot think of Young Celestia as a nurse, too...
AgentTasmania's avatar
"We can't accept blood donations that aren't in you when you arrive"
PonyUniverse's avatar
MAJOR LOL!!!! That is seriously hilarious.
AgentTasmania's avatar
"And you have to own the blood"
AgentTasmania's avatar
Had to sort these things out myself with the Australian Red Cross blood service.
Apparently, they don't like my many enemies any more than I do.
VynalDerp's avatar
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Come on, Nurse, have a heart!
Reactor33's avatar
Sexeh pone!

No, seriously. Cute ^^
YoshiRingo's avatar
Dawww, she's so cute
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