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Maud the Miner

What else are you supposed to do with a rocktorate degree? Be a miner of course!

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Very cool, love the way this all comes together. ^_^ 
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Don't mine that at all /)
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But isn't she older than Pinkie? Oh wait, that's minor.

SoC: Rock Solid Friendship
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:iconmaudpieplz: Did you wanna go out with me?

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She looks super excited! =D
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Wow, she's ecstatic! Looks like she hit the motherlode. :giggle: 
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Wonderful work
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I would bang Maud the minor. Crap! No! Miner. Miner.
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I like it. Alway amazing how fast hte fandom works
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Geology isn't all mining.
Button & Sweetie: "Don't mine at night..."

Maud: "Rookies..."
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Working in the Jewel mine!
Going down down down!!

A very old song.
Working in the coal mine.
1966 Lee Dorsey
Redone by Devo.
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Nice! I really like your style! Clap 
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The episode was very good, they managed to expand on both Maud and Starlight's characters (Pinkie was... well, she was being Pinkie). Not only that, but Maud now has some sweet digs in that mineral lined cavern of hers.
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Just seen this episode :33
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