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Maud and Pinkie

OTP, TF etc etc

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Don't murder me when I say this but...
...I actually ship it.
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Aw adorabkle work hee
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Great job! I love this piece! For a second i was gonna ask about the shading on Mauds neck then i saw it was your watermark lol
DestinyDecade's avatar
That's Maud for ya. Always there for her sis.
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
If anyone else made Pinkie this scared, Maud would watch them die.
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Aaaww... that scene was so sweet... that hug... just... too adorable... :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Very sweet scene. Don't know what happened to upset Pinkie, but Maud will make it better.
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OKAY who mad pinkie pie sand?
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your work looks very similar to Supermare's art, really..…
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Oh, excuse me, please..
My bad.
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Sisterly love! :D
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♪ Take you time and slow it down 
♪ I just now came back to town 
♪ You don't have to pretend I'm something to be proud of 

♪ I won't stay and cramp your style 
♪ I'll be going in a little while 
♪ And even though I'll be far away 
♪ Don't you forget my love 

♪ And I'm so glad you're Not Like Me ♪ 
♪ I'm so glad that you live free ♪ 
♪ And now I smile because you can ♪ 
♪ And I finally understand ♪ 
♪ I guess I'm just not built like you ♪ 
♪ There's so many things I can't do ♪ 
♪ Unlike you, fortunately ♪ 
♪ I'm so glad you're Not Like Me ♪ 
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Maud is awesome n.n
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