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Maud Rock Crusher

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Nice! I can almost picture this as what she would be saying prior to now...

Maud: "I've been raised in a Rock Farm all my life.  At school, I was a social outcast, to the point where my best friend was an inch-long pebble.  Rocks are, quite literally, my LIFE.  My best friend growing up was a rock!  That being said, if you or any kind of thing, be it living or nonliving, ever threatens my little sisters, especially the one who taught me how to smile, then I will crush you and the very mountain you came from into dust... then stomp that dust into a molecular level of matter so small that one would require a very powerful microscope to even notice traces of what you once were, only to be puzzled at how much more of you they'd have to search for and discover before coming up with a logical conclusion."

Rock: "... What?"

Maud: "... I will bucking murder you."

Rock: *Gulp*
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dat Ger-Mane-neigh helmet doh
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see what i did there *snickers to self*
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This pic has been featured here on our page, if that's ok? ^^…
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You should ask before posting, not after. You can feature it as long as you give me credit for it somewhere.
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This moment in the episodes was just dramatic.
My god.
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consecutive normal punches!
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*camera zooms out and mountain falls*
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In physics, this is really impossible... but if you think about it another way, it kinda is. And Mystic, you did think of it another way! :D
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Awesome! Looks really cool! :omfg: :omfg: :omfg:
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Maud is my favourite sibling pony!
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Most excellent portrayal of Maud!
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Hokuto, Hundred Crack Hooves!!! XD
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Maud is one rocky badass!
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