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Maud Pie Waifu meme

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I'm sure she'll be someone's waifu someday.
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Unfortunately this can never be cuz has has a boyfriend now mudbryer😫
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Does Maud brush her own hair? Also, does she like having purple/lilac hair?
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no touch.
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Vore-SeekerStudent Writer
I want to see her shipped with Spike.
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Awww why not petting? :-(
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Maud: You want me to identify that?

Me: Maud... I.. I'd like to m...m... *faints*

Maud: He reminds me of Pinkie..
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Maud is awesome. However, nopony rocks enough to claim her.
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Nightcaster460 Digital Artist
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This version is better. :)
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Как мило.)
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When it comes to the topic of Maud pie, I agree with Keg Standard.
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DarkJanetHobbyist Digital Artist
What's a waifu?
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DessinerErHobbyist General Artist
Just: Wife. Japoneses version in romanji for it is waifu, but Waifu is using for animation crush in the popular by fans.
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DarkJanetHobbyist Digital Artist
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& that's how many fanboys & fangirls tried to make Maud their waifu.
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Bian3yo12Student Traditional Artist
I ship her with Pokery pierce
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The "No touch" is like the tsundere version of this of Twilight xD

Yeah, Maud thinks in rocks and IS a rock. She blocks you in any possible angle....if you are really interested in "this" pony...for calling her a pony, personally i hate her and see her more like a damn living statue made of....rock...bad pun oh yeah, only possibility damn r*pe her....have fun time! (she will probably search for rocks in the ground while you do it and dont give a damn xD)
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PoliticalPipHobbyist General Artist
She should marry her Rule 63 counterpart. They would get along perfectly.
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SilverWing27Hobbyist Writer
Lol. Man she keeps blocking everything. I love the last shot. lol.
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WaifuChick98Professional Artisan Crafter
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She'd break your arm if you tried to hurt her. 
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GladiatorRomanusHobbyist General Artist
this is what we here call "wooden pussy"
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Ask-LullabyStudent Digital Artist

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