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Luna the Nightmare Mistress

If Luna can enter others' dreams, she must have seen some disturbing things... or created some.
Even more disturbing, she's always watching... everypony... with popcorn...
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I immediately thought this was DomLuna porn.

Authordammit brain.
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I am the princess...OF THE NIGHT!
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luna is my favorite. nice art of her.
TaroZero's avatar
I like Sweetie Bell
JDKathleen's avatar
Luna looks so elegant
MikeyTMNTrules's avatar
I have to say Luna is one of my favorite characters and you did an amazing job drawing this and shading and the hair is buetiful and then eyes are amazing just! This is too incredible for words! ^-^
Casem87's avatar
so majestic... MAJESTIC i tell you!
blinkingstarBS's avatar
Sweetie Bell... your a wizard
MLPegasis4898's avatar
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One thing....

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Perfectly done. Spongebob (Imagination) 
CraftyMaelyss's avatar
What program did you use to draw this? I love it! 8D
Little-Hellion-Fever's avatar
Very invasive life choices, no? 
CiskatEllen's avatar
She walked the dreams of Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. Now she needs to walk Applebloom's dreams.
ZaneDonnieluver's avatar
is it with extra butter?
Evernight98's avatar
I love it, it's so cute !
mistypine01's avatar
Beautiful night.
Daughterofthehunt10's avatar
I thought she was good now
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Daughterofthehunt10's avatar
you said she may have created some disturbing things, and I guess I got the wrong idea...I don't watch my little pony, I regret to say. I used to, so now I'm just picking up the things I know.  It's a great picture though
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