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Luna's Moon

Celestia's Sun by mysticalpha

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FR0ZEN-SKY's avatar
This is-
-cute x3
MajikkuFaerie's avatar
mlpDreamer's avatar
Oh my gosh! <3 She is just so precious. Reminds me of a cat, with a favorite toy.
Phenometron's avatar
The moon is hers to control.
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Nice!!! Looks quite wonderful...!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
TenmaRKO's avatar
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baly89's avatar
She`s pretty when it`s young!!
kawai     ^_^
sorry for the english mistakes! 
K4nK4n's avatar
Heheh, adorable. :heart:
Hero-Mode's avatar
DeadCobra's avatar
So lovely Love Meow :3 
AppleBunnyLife's avatar
D'aw Luna loves the moon!
Leaficun3's avatar
Moon butt!! She's so cute!!
waraiigoe's avatar
Really like the glow the moon gives. Great job! :)
cajobif's avatar
BEautiful work.

Can you see the Luna on the Moon? If you do, you are dreaming. Luck one, she is visiting your dream.
templar127's avatar
Darthsylar12's avatar
It kinda looks Luna is taking moon away, like a little kid grabbing their ball and going home.
Kiddan's avatar
George-the-1st's avatar
Great work, as always. The most notable feature here is the way you have shaded and colored this piece. Very nice.
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