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Luna of the Night

Luna's giving that firefly the "stare"
Luna of the Night 16:9 by mysticalpha

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can i use this for my profile?

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as long as you give credit

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I wonder what she meant by profile cuz she just straight up uploaded it and didn't put it anywhere.

Luna is still adorable in her season 1 look.
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That's really cute. I love Luna's season-1 design, and your rendering of it :)
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Her eyes might not be used to this much light. >_>

But it's so cute. :meow:
GAAAAAHHH! Stare of Cuteness!
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Wow... how wonderful...!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Heheh, Luna's cute facial expression makes me smile.
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More Woona is always called for :D
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Curious Princess is Cutest Princess X3
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*drags pic to wallpapers folder*

Oh, I'm so observant, just noticed that you draw that black spot on her back too, though you always did...
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So lovely
The night is better then the day
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Awesome! So cute!
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Aw Luna! You're so adorable! :iconblushplz: :iconlunablushplz:
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