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Luna Winking

Another fine recreation from that Nightmare Night episode

16:9  Luna Winking 16:9 by mysticalpha

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Mojowuq9's avatar
This could've been a very different picture.
heavymetal27's avatar
I love seeing Luna smiling. 
Happy-Note's avatar
What is the difference between this and 16:9?
Lepooper's avatar
*heart attack* 
Killuanatsume's avatar
I really prefer the version of Luna from season two and up than the season one version, don't know why.
BronyNo786's avatar
each to their own. at first I didn't like Luna's darker colors, but I soon grew to love them, as for me it fit in with the warm, comforting colors of the night sky. heck, Luna make me love the night even more.
Killuanatsume's avatar
Interesting way of explaining it. :) Thanks. For your reply.
Crusadier's avatar
Nicely done.
flutter-butter55678's avatar
denapekka's avatar
I like her mane and that wink! Well done! 
dragonesswing's avatar
One thing about the wink though... (Don't get me wrong, this art is beautiful) On he show, it does seem to be around her whole eye, but if you think about it, who puts eyeshadow on their cheek...?
mysticalpha's avatar
Lady Gaga? Models? Fashion Freaks? Clowns? 

Your point is duly noted though.
saxumsando's avatar
;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) 
GladiatorRomanus's avatar
*me winking to Luna ;)
shardstar3's avatar
GladiatorRomanus's avatar
....and then came the kisses and cuddles!!! :D
Phenometron's avatar
What a beautiful wink she does. (c:
disney-mlp-forever's avatar
I love your art! It's an inspiration^^
AussieGriffin's avatar
Good shot over all, thogh the shading on her muzzle makes it hard to see her expression and the cross-hatching / shading on the centre of her closed eye isn't consistent with the rest of the effects used on her mane and neck. These are the only things stopping it from being a fave for me.
Limeskittle's avatar
The shading in this is very beautiful!
FailureCow's avatar
Must resist dirty joke!Twitch
Good work by the way.Clap 
Envirotech's avatar
Ooooh squee ^_^  she looks soo good!  nice art!
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