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Luna Goes to the Movies

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OC in above comic belongs to me.
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Machiavellism in a nutshell

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not too bright not knowing there one in the same does make me think of end of Luna Eclipsed when Luna made herself appear as nightmare moon

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I think we have just slipped into superman taritory my friends.
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Well makes sense, since the last movie Luna was the Emojie Movie, after that she didn't sleep for days and would destroy any cellphone she saw. Also burned down several movie theaters.
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lol hows them rated r but hoof runner isn't 
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And this is why and how Luna became Nightmare Moon
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That OC is cute! Is she single? :D
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XD  Too funny, love her expression on the way to the broom closet to change into NMM... :3  Great art/comic always love seeing where this one is going.
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NMM's Vip Seat.... Me likey
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What's funny is: She later changed back to Luna to go see My Little Dragon: The Movie. That's not R rated, is it? =P

I presume that "Them" is the equestrian version of "It"?
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The MLP version of a fake ID.
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:iconprincesslunaplz: (blows raspberry at both of them)
Handy. :) Very handy for one who lacks hands.
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That was hilarious.
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Nice trick there. :XD:
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cool idea and trick
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Celestia, I can understand if this was a screening of Caligula, but Them? REALLY?
I think "Them" is meant as a play on "It" rather than the movie from our world with the giant ants.
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