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Luna Dance

Commission for SirHoli
16:9  Luna Dance 16:9 by mysticalpha

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Beautiful pictures of the princess of the night
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Was she dancing in the breeze?
Do I even need to explain why she is best pony
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Nice art.  Really captures the moment. :thumbsup:
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Amazing picture! Giggle La la la la 
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Luna got dem moves, yo. Squidward Sexy (Dance) 

This is insanely cool, I have never seen anything quite like this before.
Wow.Rainbow doge emote 
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Hm...those proportions just do not work on an ungulate. Honestly if you were going for anthro and wanted shorter feet you should have just made them human.
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Anatomy is foremost on my mind when dealing with anthros. However, I question certain areas when it comes to ponies. Will it be more acceptable to you if the tibia is shorter and the cannon bone longer just like the Kymellians?
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Hooves are much harder to get to look right on anthros because of what they're for and how they're built. Making the foot as short as it is here makes her look like she'll just topple over. Humans don't walk on their toenails like horses for a reason. I do like the look of digitigrade legs, but if you're going for "anatomically correct" - or at least something that could potentially wear pants - a human foot would be the best to draw them with. It's less pony but it also would look less odd.
mysticalpha's avatar
When doing anthros, I want to integrate as much feral as I can into the human body and not just slap ears, muzzle and a tail on. If using human feet would be anatomically correct, it is a less than favorable option for me. Considering how even the ponies on the show some times move in weird positions and have certain parts of their bodies not mirror equine anatomy or behavior exactly, I'm willing to throw out some anatomically correctness out of the window for cosmetics. Of course, if there is no anatomically correct way to do non human legs on pony anthros, there's really nothing I'd want to change other than for looks.
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I think she looks pretty good, but you could probably make her legs like the Protoss' legs (which I guess are kinda like the Kymellians). Perhaps a blend could be achieved. Of course, she should look pretty, which she does now!
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extraordinary love is great
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I want to dance with her.
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She looks so graceful
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Very, very beautiful
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Very nice....  This needs more love.
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the light of the moon does nothing but stand out to the better in the beauty of this beautiful princess! she's simply wonderful! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Well this is cool.
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