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Luna Cloaked

More dark woona
Luna Cloaked 16:9 by mysticalpha

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Wow... such a beautiful Woona... she looks fantastic in that cloak... :heart: :heart: :heart:
woodywoodwood's avatar
nice cloak, it kind of looks like Luna is planning on breaking in to the Starswirled the bearded wing 
Yingtheeevee's avatar
Lunakin SkyTrotter XD
cajobif's avatar
"What? You never saw your princess of the night wearing this kind of clothing?"
-Uh, no. Why are you-
"Secret. Hush! Sleep now."
-Huh? What the... *falls asleep*
"Now, upward our mission."

Wonderful work
PrincessHighmist's avatar
I mean Luna. Eeeep! >.<
OddishCrafts's avatar
You realize you can edit your comments?
PrincessHighmist's avatar
I thought I could, but was in a rush and couldn't find it quickly
BudCharles's avatar
Omg you made her so cute-badass XD Just like Quilava X3 Can I just say all the 4 princesses are really cool characters <3
SnapCentino's avatar
I want to say it's awesome and edgy, but it's actually one of the more adorable Luna arts I've ever seen.
               free Princess Luna icon 
MidnightBlitzz's avatar
Mysterious and lovely :3
templar127's avatar
Paulicus1's avatar
oooh, she's so dark and edgy.

Nice try, Luna, you're still adorable. =P
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Cool and adorable.
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Welcome to Organization XIII your higness :iconevilgrinplz:

Fantastic wotk on the nightsky :)
Rassilon001's avatar
Awwww, cute witty woona hiding her pwetty cwoak...!
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