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A recreation from The Simpsons 21x06.

Lisa: So now Andy's a TV writer... loser! looOOooser! looOOooser! loser!

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She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an "L" on her forehead... x3

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I laughed so much when she just slowly rode her bike by doing that
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in the family guy movie. she's giving the finger
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Lisa: So now your making fan art... loser! LooOOooser! LooOoooser! Loser!
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No Lisa not you too who's teacher....i'm not a loser!!!
Lisa: So you made this picture of me doing the loser symbol part of your favorites, Lakedawg19? (she then made the loser symbol on her forehead) Loser!

This is an awesome and funny pic.
:) (Smile) 
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Cute one of Lisa here
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I was just watching that episode and typed in Loser, made me smile to see this was the first thing xD :3 lovely~
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Love this part! *_*
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OMG. I'm watching that episode RIGHT NOW, that's weird. I searched 'loser' after she said that cuz I got bored and I was like, whut.
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did i just blow your mind?
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cool watch me
I-Have-A-Cookie's avatar
Haha, that's funny(: Well done :P
mysticalpha's avatar
thank you, watch the episode
I-Have-A-Cookie's avatar
I will.... what one is it?
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