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Jewel Encrusted Rarity

Bling Bling!
Commission for :iconbreezylykthewind:
Commission information is on my profile page.
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Rarity, the rock pokemon. Unlike other pokemon who say their names, she usually says MINE. She hoards... A lot...
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Shine bright, Rarity!
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Beautiful work. :squee:
No-36's avatar
Shine like a STAR, miss Rarity!! :excited:
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Helsaabi's avatar
She so cute! ^^
DemonPanther's avatar
And meanwhile Spike is flooding Sweet Apple Acres with all his drool xD
His crush and that many gems in one place? Not good!
lzsmith88's avatar
she's so fabulous! awesome work!
Kyoshyu's avatar
Rarity: "I want to be a princess too!"
KoolPrincessLuna's avatar
Rarity looks beautiful :D
KirovAirship2012's avatar
BreezyLykTheWind's avatar
Oh I just love her so much! Thank you again!
MrSpartin's avatar
Holla, holla, get dolla!
Telaros's avatar
Can't become a real Crystal Pony? BEDAZZLE EVERYONE with your BEDAZZLING SELF!
NeonRedWings's avatar
Rubynite's avatar
So much bling in this. OWO
Demao's avatar
anime-underdog's avatar
Rarities fashion just sparkle. :D
Ardail's avatar
All those diamonds could buy the country if one tiny one could get an industrial hair dryer
Ruaken's avatar
Pish posh... Rarity needs no such adornments! ;)
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