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It's Derpy! It's been Derpy all Along!

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Ew Derpy, get a bloody grip would you?
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Derpy: " It was me Big Mac. It was me aalllll along!"
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It's like that strange girl that walks up behind you and sniffs your neck before running off while giggling...but stranger
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derpy deserves better.
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Derpy used Lick. It's super effective!
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Big Mac: Huh?
Derpy: You taste like... apple muffins.
BM: Uh...
D: I may be wrong. Can I do-
BM: Nnope.
D: Aww...

Very cute, very Derpy. BEautiful work
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F2U Derpy Bleh Mac tastes like strawberry!
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Wouldn't he taste like apple?
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Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter You might be right....Just a sec.
Pinkie Crazy 
Pinkie Pie Silly me. He tastes like apple....with a hint of sweat....EW.
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Dat non-existent context. Okay! :D
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Probably he blushes, but you can't see it, cause he's red anyways :3
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It's Slurpy! Heheh.
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maybe she thinks he's a stamp...  ;)
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told ya big mac. girls love muffin scented cologne 
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