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Marle: That's the hero? What is he singing?
Lucca: Don't know, but it makes me wanna slap him upside the head!
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RebeccaTrippProfessional Traditional Artist
This makes me smile.  ^_^
Black-Wolf-of-Hell's avatar
Omg I died laughing.

Great job!!!
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ExekylStudent Digital Artist
Oh GAWD so true XD
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DarkZero2109Hobbyist General Artist
That should've been his theme...

Oh, and Lucca? This would be a good time to try out that Wondershot...
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Even better Lucca. Use your mallet. Never stop. EVER!
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1337Chibisuke's avatar
Trololol indeed. :trollface:
weirdfuzzything's avatar
Ha ha haa, BRILLIANT!
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zora-artistStudent Digital Artist
XD hahaahahaha
yeah I remember that part hahahaha
by god sake, how the people could belive that that child is the hero?!!! they are idots! XD hahaha
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bionicdragon5Hobbyist Writer
I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to Falcon Pawnch that kid in the face...
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Truly our only hope.
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germangirl33Student Traditional Artist
The last panel...made me trolololol.
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I'm imagining her doing it Yukari-Sensei-style, except with HAMMERS
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Viewed from this comics perspective it's really ironic, that Toma is chased of by some trolls himself. (I didn't memorize the names of the enemies, I call the green hammer-slinging - things trolls.)
Choco-Chick87's avatar
Agreed w/Lucca....let me hold him down for you whilst you proceed with the slapping

LOL this is awesome XD
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I am still disappointed that there was no option to force the little ass to fight Magus' armies.
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TofunenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol :D
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Do it lucca... do it and never stop.
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TheGreatPretender3Hobbyist General Artist
You sir, have won an internet!
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Ahahahahaha, this made my day
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BabileileiHobbyist General Artist
I really got to play this game, again....because i don't remember this...
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Yes...@ Lucca (yay First comment =P )
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