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Fluttershy in a dress 4

All she needs is a princess strut down the runway.
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Fluttershy is best princess hehe she's so pretty ^^
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She's so pretty.
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She looks just like a princess!!! :meow: :meow: :meow:
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This is very lovely <3
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Aaawwwww! Cinderella dress-ups with Rarity? Those horseshoes look like glass :D
dina-and-mina's avatar
Sorry to inform you but someone took this…
mysticalpha's avatar
Thanks for looking out.
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Uh oh. Looks like Rarity kidnapped her... :D
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:iconshyfluttershyplz: - A veces me gusta sentirme bonita.

xD me alude mucho a esa frase. Bonito trabajo, auque el vestido me parece algo feo el diseño, pero halla yo.
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Ah..heart attack!!! Too much cuteness!!!
temporos's avatar
Fluttershy could singlehandedly keep all the world's cardiologists in business for the rest of time. :aww:
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Awwww she so adorable and beautiful.
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Awwww... (:huggle:s Fluttershy)
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Awww she's so cute
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She really is a glass princess. :)
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She should wear a Filipino or a Greek dress.
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