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Fluttershy and Angel Singing

"I got you babe, I got you babe"

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That's just about the greatest thing ever! <3 
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Aw!!! This is just too adorable!!! Lol, Angel... :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:
CoolioHorse's avatar
I've got this picture on my ipod from a wallpaper app.......
Tjudi's avatar
They probably used it for their app because it's so pretty
CoolioHorse's avatar
Yeah, but i was saying that because isn't it technically stealing, the picture?
Tjudi's avatar
Yeah, if they didn't credit him, they did steal it...
What is the app called?
CoolioHorse's avatar
well, i think they did have a link to th eoriginal photo, so that is crediting him, sorry to waste your time, i was just unsure! :)
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They totally rock!!!!
SynApple's avatar
Thats sooooo cute hnng
ForcesWerwolf's avatar
oh look at that eminem and rihanna~
Minxthecheetah's avatar
Its amazingly awesome! Giggle Nod 
jmerridew124's avatar
"Are... are their mics plugged in?"
SynApple's avatar
it's ponies....there shall be no logic.
jmerridew124's avatar
I was making a joke about them being quiet.
MasterVule's avatar
Omg I love your style so much!! :D And btw this is great! :D
She does not need
a microphone.
Her voice is bucking
cajobif's avatar
In front of Fluttershy's friends only, of course.

Beautiful and adorable work
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