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Fluttershy Holding Angel 2

Angel isn't pleased.
Commission for :iconbreezylykthewind:
Commission information is on my profile page.
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She is so pure.
Wawern's avatar
Просто потрясающе,очень нежный рисунок :)
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Angel is not amused. Though, well painted!!!
Drangelu's avatar
your mlp artworks are so adorable!
Ashoof's avatar
daww! so cute! love your art style :)
mbrsart's avatar
Beautiful and cute as ever :D
Kyoshyu's avatar
Ach, so cute.
JackJack71's avatar
25Carrot's avatar
This makes me think of those family portraits where it is obvious that one or more of the kids in the photo was being a brat that day.

Fluttershy: Come on, Angel, be a dear. Remember, everypony who comes into our house is going to see this picture! If you're good, we'll go get ice cream after, OK?
StaciNadia's avatar
Awwww, I like the flowers in her hair and on her legs and the butterfly accessory! =3
PaperMatt202's avatar
Fluttershy's so pretty! X3
AffinityShy's avatar
The only reason Angel isn't happy is because Fluttershy's cuteness overpowers his in this piece. Well done! I love the flower jewelry.
K4nK4n's avatar
Aww, so cute.
Ruaken's avatar
Where is the "favorite all" button?
RareHare's avatar
Jumpy - I wish I was hugged by Fluttershy.
Rubynite's avatar
xD But Angel, you look so cute when you're with Fluttershy.
SonicSatamX93's avatar
Nice job.

This is really cute looking.
Soliassoul's avatar
Angel is never pleased . . .
anime-underdog's avatar
Rarity wears Diamonds, and Fluttershy wears will Applejack wear slices of apples, or Twilight Sparkle will does one wear magic exactly? :/
epicitaly's avatar
with magic of course
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