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Flutterpunzel 2

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She remained bedridden had a 100 foals than ther bedridden their father XD
ZeloTag's avatar
Wha wah waaahh!!
Because phyics 
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
:iconfluttershyderpplz: "...Ooh dear... Did anypony get the license plate of that carriage?"

And then she dead'd. :bucktooth:

Hasbro Executives: alright, stop the story. I got the rules year here that said character cannot fell in love, so fluttershy is an teenage and big Macintosh is an adult. He cannot tell in love with her, we need another teenage who get to play as a prince.

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Now THIS is how Rapunzel would've REALLY ended had Prince Charming REALLY tried to climb up using her hair. :D
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Well... that's one way!
Scyphi's avatar
This must be why that FlutterMac ship never worked out... :P
tigreanpony's avatar
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Ouch! Is she still okay?
Rubpro's avatar
If I was him, I would get a ladder and than say something like: "Your tail is so pretty, it would be a waste to use it as a rope"
StarlaNorthstar's avatar
I nearly sprayed my computer screen with iced tea in reading this XD Too funny, poor Flutters
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don't like the couple but it is nice
karkovice1's avatar
Not a fan of FlutterMac? :)
MegaArmor's avatar
no MarbleMac fan
karkovice1's avatar
Well NOW I think you'll have to accept SugarMac. :)
MegaArmor's avatar
never i will not
karkovice1's avatar
Have it your way. :iconcrazysparkleshrugplz: 
Sturmlion1's avatar
Thats how you do it!
SFaccountant's avatar
Man, Flutterpunzel can't fly for squat. I guess you don't get much practice if you never leave the tower.
sigel4ever's avatar
that was easy

(end of the story?)
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