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Now with less can!

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"Discord told me he would turn me into a tree tomorrow for a week long period. Every is planned, animals will be feed while I'm gone. *squee* I can't wait!"

BEautiful work
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SO ADORAB— HNNNNNNGGGGG :iconhnnnnngplz:
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From the thumbnail view, I thought she was chewing bubblegum.
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She's way better than any of our politicians!
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"Be nice to each other... um, if that's okay with you... Oh my, is this slogan too long? I'm sorry."
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Almost looks like an inspirational poster.
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I loved this expression the moment I paused it (great timing) for my episode reveiw!
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I loved this expression in the episode "scare master". Just the cutest
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please please please PLEASE! do not show her the election/electoral race n the US. we don't want her to lose hope seeing that disaster. 
            Chibi Fluttershy Icon 
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Nice, MA
My fave pawnee
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If I could Photoshop, I would replace the background with the american flag, or turn this picture into one of those 'Hope' pictures that are only red and blue.
I love her expression :-)
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Monokuma (Blush) [V1] : FlutterHope Eh?
Meet MonoDespair UPUPUPUPUPU!
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beautiful Fluttershy piece, and I'm not just saying that cuz she is my fav pony ^^ xD
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she's my favorite pony too^^
i hope she gets more good episodes in season 6 and we finally get to meet some of her family
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yeah, that would be lovely, and she is my fav cuz I relate to her the most, being shy at first, and a strong love for animals. Also I love to sing, but only in front of friends, or pets, not in public so much. So yah, out of interest, why she yur fav pony?
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