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Flutter Brutter

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Angel is not pleased

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that is awesome that happened here

Snowcat93's avatar
Finally got use of that bunny xD. He is like: "Get a job Hippy!"
RustyHelm93's avatar
Finally, Angel's being useful!
Z-Shadow-0's avatar
I agree, he just got...Angeled *Puts on some shades*
Yoshifan30's avatar
You know what For once in my life I agree with angel 
Hassliebling's avatar
Spotted on FB by Ponyhoof
alexwarlorn's avatar
"The wolves will have rabbit stew tonight!"
fanfics4ever's avatar
"That's the only flaw with Zephyr's flying; he can't take off without help."
GeneralRommel64's avatar
wittle baby wanna love RD? NOPE!Dash Nopes
RaymanFan9000's avatar
I was expecting something like this in the episode.
ChrysCorps's avatar
Oh my god, u did what the creators couldn't and got me to love Angel that's really cool.
Brolyie12's avatar
sauber kick angel Clap  I will raise him even accelerate The Devil 
Pony-boutique's avatar
When is he ever? Haha, I was waiting for this to happen in the episode itself :P.
Fujin777's avatar
For once, I don't hate Angel Bunny for this.
Monkeyrofl901's avatar
For once, I'm with Angel.
K4nK4n's avatar
How it should've ended. Heheh.
Dynasty-Dawn's avatar
For once, I do not hate Angel Bunny! You go rabbit! :XD:
CommanderEX's avatar
About time Angel started to be useful again. It has been too long.
TartarusFire's avatar
Fluttershy is horrified, but she secretly made the plan in the first place.
mysticalpha's avatar
yes, all according to plan
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