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Flurry Heart

Dude, check out the wingspan on that chick
Watch me create this at
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Love how you draw Flurry all bundled up. :love:
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she looks like a guided bomb at first glance
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The reason that Flurry Hearth has big wings, is because clearly a alicorn has wings bigger than those of a pegasus, however, as Flurry is the first beanbaby alicorn to appear officially in the series, it is normal that many do not know They waited for the size of her wings.
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You, when she's swaddled like this she looks like a golden snitch.
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Awwwwwwwwwww Flurry heart! ^^
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The blanket around her makes her look like a tiny bug. At least, from a distance.
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Love it! This is my new BG for sure! <3
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I want this as a necklace.
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Just look how long they are! She is an epic pony with those wings!
And she pulls off the majestic look incredibly well already! Once she's adult, she's going to look more majestic than Celestia!
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So adorable and insane!
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Flurry heart is born! A tiny, fluffy, enormous wing span, Hasbro patented, OP as flip, baby horse!
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Freakin Red Bull
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Pfft. That is a well-swaddled foal. (Except the wings. Can wings be swaddled? On the other hand, how do you swaddle around wings?)
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Now this is really lovely. Good job on this! :)
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"Nobody will even recognize her as an alicorn" Oh Really now 
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She is too much like little Poof.
        Happy Onigiri Chibi 
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23 wingpower!
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