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Flitter Cloudchaser and Rainbow

Uhoh, Rainbow's in trouble!
Watch me create this at: [link]
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Whenever I see this pic, I keep thinking of Bart, Sherri and Terri from the Simpsons
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"Twins Basil, Twins!"
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I have absolutely no idea at all about how this position could be considered "trouble." XDD
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Rainbow Dash be str8 pimpin dawg swag yolo!
Just kidding don't hate me!
Love this pic it's too frikkin ADORABLE!
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Aw, they are so cute!
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This looks so awesome! :iconso-awesomeplz:
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Pegasus sandwich is adorable! just look at how adorable the three are!
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Aww. Rainbow Dash gets all the ladies. X3

I'm gonna keep faving things in your gallery.
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Oh my. :3 I like this alot! Very nice job! :D
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Must be warm and fuzzy in the middle.
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Flitter - "Aww come on Dash. Teach us how to be faster."
Cloudchaser - "Pleeeeese! We will do what ever you say."
RD - "I don't know girls. I go through very special training. It might be to much for you."
Flitter and CC - Both girls rub up against RD with big wide eyes and pouty lips. "Pleeeease!"
RD - Blushes brightly and coughs, "Ok if you insist. We will start with my personal favorite.... " RD looks at them both with a slightly sinister smile. "... The Baton Pass!"

Hours later both Flitter and CC fall down onto a cloud. Their breath was full and heavy. Covered in sweat, Flitter spits out the baton that was still in her mouth.

Flitter - "I... I can't believe what she did to us."
CC - "Oh Celestia, I am soar all over."
Flitter - "Oh no! Here she come."
RD - "There you are! You flew away so fast I could hardly see you. I told you my special training would help." RD lands next to them looking down at them both. "Though Flitter, your time on the obstacle coarse could be 20% faster and Cloudchaser you dropped the baton way to much. You need to improve your eye/mouth coordination, but we can try again after a 15 min brake."

CC - "WHAT!" She looks at Flitter with a sad look on her face. "I told you she wasn't that way."
Flitter - Flitter shakes her head as they both get up. "You were right." She turns to RD and puts her hoof on her face. "Sorry Dash, but we just wanted to have sex with you." RD's mouth drops, stunned from what she just heard as Flitter and CC both start to fly away. "I guess the rumor of you being into girls was wrong."
RD - Stunned for a moment, she snaps out of it as she sees them both fly away. "WAAAAAAAAIT!" She screams as she gives chase through a large bank of clouds.

;P GOD, I love your art. They both are cute and RD just looks a little nervous. :D

I had one other thought about this that might have been fun.

RD - "A major up and coming Wonderbolt star, I will be holding special tryouts to my new wing pony. And even though your both young and naive. I think you might have what it take." - *from Futurama, Hell is other robots. :D
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Double your feathers, double your fun!
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ouch, read your faqs... heartaches I tell you!

We need more plot device drawings, plot device is best under-appreciated show character.

RD's swagger accepts all applicants I hear. Just don't expect Loyalty in those areas.

Fluttershy... I'll give ya that one ;P

AJ? I figure any day you manage to live without half your body torn off from a random buck or twitch reaction, is a good day. #YOLO?

Twilight. Seems like the perfect type for workaholics. And outgoing enough to not be boring.

Rarity? I think she'd be most open to trying new things. I doubt she'd want a foal getting in the way of her career.

Lightning dash? Well, you'd probably end up in a lot of 'who can last the longest' competitions, and I don't see her losing in that field.

And that was my all-too-long-to-fit-in-a-youtube-reply fun poke at your "Who is your favorite pony?" response on faqs page xD

Seriously, need more Plot Device though ;-; she's real enough for me! ;^;
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RD is too pimp. And she doesn't even abuse it, they just come to her.
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Best pegasi... Togheter.
:love: So beautiful...
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Trio of beautiful pegasi.
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That awkward moment when there is only one cloud in the sky to relax on..
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i really like your pics
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