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Elements of Harmony

1680x1050 version... well slightly bigger but same ratio.

Check out the other ones:
Applejack Harmony Element by mysticalpha Fluttershy Harmony Element by mysticalpha Pinkie Pie Harmony Element by mysticalpha Rarity Harmony Element by mysticalpha Rainbow Dash Harmony Element by mysticalpha Twilight Sparkle Element by mysticalpha

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Honesty. Kindness. Laughter. Generosity. Loyalty. Magic.
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lol i love how twi is like HEAAALLLL YEAAHHHH
You would too if you had the limitless power of true harmony surging through you and alongside all your best friends you were about about to curb stomp an evil, arrogant, godlike being in an epic fashion.
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This is incredible!
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I wanted to draw the Rule 63 version of this. The big question is, what would the Stallions of Harmony wear instead of this fancy jewlry. This my idea...

The Five Basic Elements= Replace the gold necklace with a epic super hero cape. The cape matches the Stallion's fur color, and has the element's symbol (Butterfly, Balloon, Diamond, Butterfly, Lightning Bolt, Apple) is embroiled on the back.

The Element of Magic= Twilight's counterpart (Dusk Shine) get's a helment similar to the one worn by Viewtiful Joe. It has his star symbol on it.
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I love this wallpaper series.
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Helements of Armory :iconshedplz:
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and this is when the show become bad-ass (IMO)
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with your powers combined...
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we are, the mane 6
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wooo all the elements! :D
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I love how colorful this is. :love:
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This is beautiful!
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I like how when they're all merged together Twilight looks so out of place.
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And then they banished Discord to Pluto. XD
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Woah this is amazing! :D All the already magnificent wallpapers turned into one? YES SO MUCH YES
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rainbow dash flight twilight is best twilight
Only thing I can disagree with is the placement of the ponies themselves. Art is fantastic don't get me wrong.
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It's cool. Colour spectrum's seem to be pretty in vogue nowadays my dear fellow.
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