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EQG Applejack cosplaying

ZOMG! She's holding her head! 
(I might edit this)

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Now that I've seen the group shot, where are the individual ones of the rest of the Mane Six since I've only seen A.J. and Twilight so far?
Sonic5421's avatar
Will you add them to your DA Gallery soon?
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Am i the only one who think THIS is how the anthro forms of the mane 6 human counterparts should've been? Ponies instead of pony-ish humans.
Pojo-san's avatar
It is really cosplaying when you are dressing up as yourself?
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...Man, furries in EQG must be weird.
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Heh, fair enough. But we're not actually horse people with bizarre skin colors.
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Please please pleeeease do more like this.
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It's a head............... in yer head...........
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This is oddly cute
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And then Apple Bloom woke up screaming.
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Who's a silly human
Landa-Wolf's avatar
StormAlchemist15's avatar
Oh god... the paradoxes
ZaneDonnieluver's avatar
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I dont know if this is cute or Creepy
L-MASTER's avatar
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I'm confused
aruon's avatar
my head is so fucked right now Mother of god 
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