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Dungeons and Discords

I wanna check the room for traps

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I used to be an adventure like these three, until I took an arrow to the knee.;) (Wink) 
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MLP just got 20% MANLIER after this episode!
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Duude that is awesome
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They should have invited Thorax to this.
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If that episode did not have any refrenses to LOTR and Elder scrolls, I don't know what does :D
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the GM hates us all
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GM = Game Master, the head of the event and storyteller.
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Oh yes. I think I've hear the word somewhere :)
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I cast Magic Missile to the darkness...
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DovaahMac, GandSpike and LegoScrod !
That episode was great! :D
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and they all died because they forgot about mimic's and didn't slain the gazebo with their arrows.
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Time to roll another character
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Rocks fall. Everyone's new characters die.
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Fus ro Mac! Can discord even aim?
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Oh yeah.  I never noticed that at first.

I was thinking more Dragon's Crown.
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Not after getting hit by Big Mac's shout
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